Sunday 10 March 2013



Sportster Digger project for sale. just needs painting, wiring, seat covered and putting back together. since this photo the forks,pipes and other bits and bobs have been chromed. it's a 2002 5 seed motor with matching v5, RHC/Boneshakers frame, RHC/Boneshakers tank and oil tank. Ness replica forks by the very talented Mr Todds, 21" spool hub front wheel, 16 all chrome rear drum brake wheel. This will make a really cool, reliable new build digger and a very easy finish project. I amd super busy and haven't got the time to finish it. If you are interested please call me on 01562730429 or 07913325297. Bike is located in England U.K but can help with shipping anywhere... if anyone fancies reposting this anywhere i'd appreciate it. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers

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