Tuesday 14 January 2014

//  DICK KKK PART 2  //

Ho Mungo,
I'm glad that you like my bike.

This bike was build by me in a little shed in the black forest. It was a typical 1940 Knuckle Chopper imported to germany in the 80ies, owned by one guy till I bought a completly run down rolling chassis out of a shed and forgotten for the last 10 years. Apehanger, long sissybar, 21 in the front and 16" in the back was the look. Nice, but not my style. The engine was a complet mess and almost impossible to restore. The owner anyway wanted to keep it. Not getting a payable original engine I got a much cheaper and good priced S&S engine. Great powerfull engine and I will enjoy it till prices drop or I get a good deal for an old one, so I hope.

Before I bought the bike I had a precise idea about how the bike had to look. Flattrack look, slim and elegant shape, narrow wheels. All newly build parts should look like made in the 50ies. No billet aluminium, no Hitec, just a pur bike with a big engine. So I build the handlebar, the tank, seatsuspention, painting and air brush and all the small parts, you can see on the picts, myself. That took me about 2 years to build. Not having a lot of time I did some of testrides the last 1,5 years and now the bike is ready for nice trips. And yes I am thinking about Linkert Attacks and Chimay.

So I hope to meet you somewhere on the road this year...

There are some more pics to enjoy



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  1. Great bike and nice to read the story amount the pics