Wednesday 4 January 2012


Scott send me pics of his bike ..YEAH !!

He says it's been two years in the making.
It's 1939 big twin ulh flathead.
It sits in a bone stock 1948 wishbone frame. Other parts include  1939 oem inline hollywoods bars, oem springer ( still has some  original paint and primer and all the original brazing) and brake,rear fender,BTE taillight,bates,eaten caps, 1939 "4 line" linkert carb, the tanks are oem 41 tanks. Slim from Slim Fab. Chopped them
2 3/4 inches filled the dash and pogo seat, wanted it to like like 50's flattrack/outlaw.

 ... It's  98% oem Harley.

With a LUXOR headlight ...........cause it's me Mr LUXOR !

Take care Scott 

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